MAG 1 Full Synthetic 4T 10W-40 Motor Oil 1 Quart

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•Delivers superior anti-friction performance for your motorcycle or scooter.
•Provides a strong oil film to prevent metal-to-metal contact between rotating parts to prevent wear.
•Resists thickening due to high operating temperatures.


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MAG 1® Full Synthetic 10W-40 4T Motor Oil is specially engineered for small four stroke engines used in recreational powersports. Formulated with a 100% full synthetic base stock. JASO MA2 Licensed, Recommended for snowmobiles, ATVs, personal watercraft and motorcycles that call for a 10W-40 that meets the requirements of JASO MA, JASO MA 2, or API SL.

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Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm


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